Daniel Beilman is a fiction writer and a poet from the Dallas area. He went to Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, TX where he studied Speech Communication and English. While attending HSU, Daniel became a staff writer for the Hardin-Simmons school newspaper, “The Brand”, while also working as a writing coach for fellow staff writers.

In his writing he likes to explore dark, yet hopeful themes that not only explore what it means to be human, but also what it means to strive for meaning. There are stories all around, beginnings of stories or poems scattered around buildings, trees, and every beating heart, and it’s Daniel’s goal to bring them to the page.

Daniel  is currently working on the revisions for a novel manuscript, and is currently submitting poetry to several journals.

He also enjoys playing music, especially on the harmonica, and loves to dabble in any form of art.

Daniel has been happily married for four years to a wonderful lady named Meghan, who is his biggest supporter. She is his muse, inspiration, and encourager in his goals and passions of writing. The two of them have a daughter named Charlotte, who is nearly one year old and overall pretty amazing!


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