I’m Bad at This…

Hello, my wonderful friends! 

Let me first start off saying that this level of consistency with my updates might just be the nature of our relationship. So as long as we all understand that, we can begin.

Updates from life: incredibly busy, especially when you take into account my beautiful daughter is now one year old! That went by fast! You will be happy to know reading is one of her favorite things, and two of her favorite books are Counting with Dracula and a book about The Little Prince.

Updates from writing

Poetry: Poetry night is going well; it’s small, but it is growing. Poetry, itself, is going alright. I haven’t written anything in a while, but I will say I will begin more poetry submissions here soon. That being said, back in September, I did have a poem published with the wonderful folks at The Burnt Pine Magazine. The link is under my works page. You should check them out, they are a new magazine that has already been fulfilling their commitment to publish top quality writing…not including my work.

Fiction: This is where things have been incredibly eventful. I have out my newest novel on hold in order to focus a little more on the craft, and what better way to do that than write short stories? I must say I have fallen love with this form. It really challenges you as a writer, but, oddly enough, it frees up a lot of creativity. I have already written two and, as of yesterday, they have officially been submitted into two literary journals. More submissions will follow, as will more stories. I can’t wait to share them with you. 

I believe that will cover everything for now, but hopefully I can post more tips and random literary thoughts soon and at a more frequent pace. But as of now, know I am well and am simply sending out a ping on your radar to let you know I am still out here and I am still very much alive and writing.

Godspeed, my dear friends.


Daniel I. Beilman