Incoming Signal…


I first want to apologize for the radio silence; things have taken a change of pace for me, recently, which I will tell you about in due process. But for those who enjoy my updates and blog posts, you’ll be happy to know I am planning on updating more frequently. And for those who are disappointed in this otherwise great news, you have my deepest condolences…eat some chocolate. You’ll feel better.

For those who are still reading, let’s start off with some personal updates.

Back in September, I found out that my wife and I will become parents this May, and as I would find out a few months later, to a beautiful littler girl. Now I have been dedicating plenty of time to building furniture, decorating (with my wife’s guidance, of course), and, obviously, slowly building my daughter’s collection of classic children’s books, sprinkled with a few amazing contemporary works.

That reminds me…

Do any of you have suggestions for books? I, of course, have some of my favorites, but I am curious to know what children’s books have influenced you, and which you would read to your children. Please comment with your favorite/suggestion. I would love to share those works with my daughter because no childhood is complete without friends found in books.

Needless to say, however, I am looking forward to meeting this little one and sharing so many adventures with her.

Speaking of literature, it’s on to our next set of updates!

I have been shopping around the manuscript for “Of Dreams and Legends” to several agents since the summer. Still no bites as of yet, but after recently reading an article about the rejection of several well known authors, such as J.K. Rowling, George Orwell, and even Dr. Seuss, I was reminded of the long, but rewarding road to publishing this journey can become. So I am looking to send out more queries in the coming months, with a renewed attitude and tenacity. Cross your fingers…prayers are welcomed too.

As for other writing endeavors, as I announced back in August, I participated in the Writer’s Digest 84th Annual Writing Competition, in which, I placed 8th in the non-rhyming poetry category. I have to say that was a lot of fun, and sparked many more submissions to other contests. I currently have three poems in one contest, and am prepping a poetry manuscript for a poetry book competition in February.

My goal for doing this is to help break even more into the poetry market, through exposure such as this, which will no doubt be followed by regular submissions to various journals. As always, my friends, you will be kept in the loop on this.

Speaking of poetry, I wanted to include you all in one of my 2016 goals. As much as I love writing novels, I have always felt that poetry was my first love. So this year, while I am still working on novels, I am also making a bigger push for my poetry, which will include submitting on regular, and even participating in several readings and open mic nights. Please, if you are interested, keep your eye on my events page for any updates.

And now I have saved one piece of information for last. I have officially started a new book, which is going to be the first out of a planned trilogy (possibly more), and so far it has been a challenging, yet rewarding process. While I will be keeping details close to my chest, I will say this book dives deeper into the fantasy genre, blending my love for poetic description and obsession with folklore and history.

Great! So what are you suppose to do with this information? Well, I don’t know. I’m not the boss of you, but I do suggest continue reading this page for my thoughts, words of advice, updates, and even a few cautionary tales (at my expense, of course).

Moving forward, I want this blog to be a source of not just information about me, my writing, and thoughts, but also an opportunity for you guys to see the kind of things I am processing as I make the adventure through writing towards publishing, and maybe, just maybe, you’re in a similar place. Maybe we can help each other out. Maybe we will reach the end, and know we shared the hike.

Because, frankly, writing is not a solitary endeavor; in some form or another, writers influence other writers, not just by advice, but also through experience.

Also, some things to look forward to on here: a post about my experience at a writer’s conference (especially with conference season around the corner), some thoughts on plot and character, and maybe even some enlightening conversations on the merits of literature. Who knows?

Thank you for reading, and, once again, don’t forget to comment with your favorite/suggestion, and I look forward to the next post.

As always, my friends, good luck and Godspeed.



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