A Changing Leaf, a Turning of the Page

Okay,  so the title is pretty cliché but I thought it painted a nice and fitting picture of the situation I am in. So breathe in, accept it, admire it even, then, get over it. Got that out of the way? Good.

The situation is a lovely one, as I am now endeavoring to connect to the world with which I belong––the world of writers. This atmosphere that I wish to be a part of is a paradoxical one with a push and pull between community and isolation. Writers need agents, editors, publishers, readers, and even each other but they also need the opportunity to retreat to a place of solitude to do what they love––write! That is what I want.

More than all that, I wish to show, lay out, and present to the world the stories and ideas that come barging into my mind without announcing themselves (an intrusion I have learned to look forward to). I want to tell you these stories not because I think I am an awesome story teller or that I want people to know my name (which may be true and may happen) but because a story is mean’t to be told. It’s mean’t for others to hear it, to read it, to witness it because in every story, in every book, there is a piece of you in it. Yes, you.

Who are you, anyway? You’re a reader, a thinker, but most importantly, you are human. We each have an array of things that make us tick, preferences we’ve developed, scars with stories, and moments that define us. Any true writer will tell you that the important part of a good story is the exploration of what it means to be human. In college, I took a two-semester long creative writing class and I cannot tell you how often and how passionately my professor stressed this theme in writing. He explained that writing is less of telling people a story and more of telling your readers about themselves.

That is what I want, that is what I so wish to achieve, and that is what I will do.

Now enough of this sentimental blabbering, just watch my blog and read my work, and I will show you what I mean. I will show you who I am.

I am Daniel Beilman. Welcome.


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